The Team. Our Story. Our Values

“My Journey as a tech writer began 12 years ago. After having written over 3 Million words in the form of blog posts, white papers, case studies, for software companies around the world, I’ve realized: There’s a need for more content. My Clients have wanted more content, without compromising on speed and quality. Writewyze took shape to meet these content demands.” – Twain Taylor,

Today, writewyze is lead by husband and wife team – Twain and Remita Taylor. Most folks wonder how this works, but we love it. After having and raising 3 kids and a dog, working together feels natural and effortless. Our journey, both career and dating started back in Google. Since Google, we’ve both explored and pursued our individual purpose. Twain has been writing tech content for companies around the world for over 12 years and has turned his individual brand into a successful content creation company. Remita has been a committed homeschooling mom to her 3 kids, while also discovering her gift to help others connect to their own life purpose. She’s a certified life coach and leads client relationships and marketing efforts at Writewyze.

Twain Taylor and Remita Taylor

CEO $ Co-Founder

Why You’ll Love Working With Us

It’s hard to find talent that can blend technology, communication & research. We’ve spent years assembling a team that can do just this. We read your technology like engineers and write it delightfully like marketers for your customers.

Content Engineer

We’ll find the words, while you build and sell. We understand your technology and have the know-how to translate that into marketing content that works. 

Optimize Budget

We’ll save you cost. While you need an in-house team for executing core marketing activities, you can delegate content creation to a team of experts who do it full-time.

Scale Content

We’re content experts, we are setup to scale and deliver your content on time without you breaking a sweat. 

Team you can Trust

We’re not just content engineers, but we value relationships. While we emerse ourselves in the brand, we’ll value your inputs and opinions.